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Soyuz Number Pad PCB

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You know that we love PCBs which snap apart, so what was the logical next step? Well a number pad, of course! Created by the brilliant mind of user 'ai03' -- this single PCB will snap apart into three pieces and be totally self contained (i.e. no case needed, very similar to the Launch Pad.)

Please check out the photographs for examples of what your number pad will look like once put together! Keep in mind, you MUST be okay with soldering PCBs and related keyboard items as this is not a solder-less item.

What Else You Will Need (Not Included):

We have created a video build guide that can be seen here.

Note: This product was created by the amazing user, ai03 -- It's licensed according to the terms set by ai03, which is "GNU Affero General Public License v3.0." More information can be seen here regarding said license.