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Purple Shinethrough Keyset (106pcs)

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Name: Purple Shinethrough
Profile: OEM
Material: ABS
Shinethrough: Yes
Doubleshot: Yes
Quantity: 106x (104x Key + 2x ISO Support)
Cap Color: Purple
Legend Color: Translucent White

These include enough keys to fit a standard 104x keyboard, but also include 2x extra keys to make those pesky ISO layouts work (extra keys shown in photographs). Whether you are after something made to last with ABS material, or something that supports shinethrough for all your fancy LEDs...this is the set for you! Did we mention the price for this beauty? No? Take a look for yourself!

Please note, the tray/box shown in the photographs is not included in orders of this keyset, it would add too much to shipping costs and negate the concept of a budget-friendly keyset. They will, however, be packed securely with bags and bubble-wrap. If there is one thing SpaceCat is known for (besides low prices, of course)...it's our tremendous ability to get items to customers safely!