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Pink Shinethrough Keyset (108pcs)

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Name: Pink Shinethrough
Profile: OEM
Material: ABS
Shinethrough: Yes
Doubleshot: Yes
Quantity: 108x (104x Key + 4x Media Keys)
Cap Color: Pink
Legend Color: Translucent White

Not only does this set come with all the expect ANSI keycaps, it also comes with four extra "media" keys for above your number pad (or anywhere else a 1u keycap fits!). Available in this amazing and striking pink color, don't miss out--grab a set now!

Please note, the tray/box shown in the photographs is not included in orders of this keyset, it would add too much to shipping costs and negate the concept of a budget-friendly keyset. They will, however, be packed securely with bags and bubble-wrap. If there is one thing SpaceCat is known for (besides low prices, of course)...it's our tremendous ability to get items to customers safely!