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PCB Ruler

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We've all seen those all-in-one tools that people carry around with them. Super handy, right? Well, why not get something like that for your mechanical keyboard needs? Below is a list of SOME of the features on this bad boy. To get a good idea of what it can do, check out the photographs, as well! You can even (if you have the time and resources) get this thing to function like a real macropad. Made of high quality materials and built to last you a very long time. Grab a few of these and give them to all your mech-nerd friends!

  • Total length is a bit over 8 inches
  • Markings for inches/mils/mm/and keycap sizes
  • Switch footprints for MX/Alps/Combined/2u stabilizer/Dual Sided/Kailh Low Profile/Kailh Hot Swap Socket
  • Diode footprint and diode bender holes to get the exact same bend every time
  • Ability to add MiniUSB port and test LEDs using the PWR contacts under the 2u switch footprint
  • Ability to add SMD components to have a functional macro pad thing (BOM will be made available shortly)

Additional BOM Information (for on-board controller) is available here.

Note: If you solder the Mini USB port and 470 Ohm PWR LED resistor, you can use the PWR led contacts to test LEDs.