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Let's Split Eh? PCBs

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Note: These PCBs are FULLY assembled.

These are the Let's Split Eh? PCBs! These are replacements/upgrades to the existing Let's Split PCBs. They have the same footprint as the V2 Let's Split, so any case that fits that design should** work with these PCBs as well.

Each order is for a pair of PCBs (left and right hand).


  • Split hand ortho-linear PCBs, 6 rows by 4 columns on each hand
  • QMK Compatible (Firmware is available here)
  • FULLY assembled, all you need to add are switches
  • USB-C Port
  • Backlight LED support
  • 6x RGB SMD LEDs on each PCB. (When in split mode this will only support static RGB, animations will be supported if QMK is updated to support them.)
  • Support for ALPs and MX switches
  • White PCBs, to better reflect the RGB and backlight.

**The Let's Split Eh? PCBs should fit in any existing Let's Split V2 compatible case. The only possible conflict is the USB-C port is slightly wider than the Pro Micro Micro USB port used in the V2.