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L2Solder Kit (Learn To Solder)

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Ever wish you could teach yourself to solder without worrying about breaking something important and/or expensive? Wish you could actually make something useful while learning?

Yeah, us too!

That's why we present to you, these fantastic new L2Solder (Learn To Solder) Kits! Each kit includes the following items (which can be seen in the photographs):

  • 1x Plate PCB
  • 1x Bottom PCB
  • 1x Coin Cell Battery Module
  • 1x Coin Cell Battery
  • 5x M2 Spacers
  • 10x M2 Screws


It is very important to note this is not a functioning number pad or macro pad. This will allow you to learn the best methods for soldering with the mechanical keyboard hobby in mind. It will also function as a switch tester, artisan holder, or even a fidget toy! What's the battery for? That's the cool part, not only will this help you learn to solder switches, but it will also help you learn to solder LEDs!

Here is a list of items you may need to get started (these do not come with your L2Solder kit):

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