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Fine-Point Brush (Lubricant Applicator)

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These fine point brushes are perfect for applying lubricant to switches, stabilizers, or really whatever else one applies lubricant to (keep it to yourselves, weirdos!). The brush size is #00 and is considered a "miniature tipped" brush -- all we know is, it applies lube like crazy! It's about 6.5 inches in length with a point of approximately 0.5"These brushes will withstand a long-time of daily usage and will easily clean off with soap and water; and can also reshaped with your fingers!

If that wasn't enough, each order comes with 1x (one) plastic protective case for your new brush. We wouldn't want it getting damaged! And if that wasn't enough, we also included 1x (one) plastic brush-tip protector that conveniently fits inside the aforementioned plastic case/tube!

What a deal!