[DIY] USB Solder Kit v2

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New and Improved USB Cable Kits!

Grab one of these kits and put together the perfect, custom USB cable for your various keyboard and non-keyboard related needs. Each purchase comes with the following items:

  • 3ft to 6ft USB Cable (4-pin)
  • 3ft to 6ft Paracord Sleeving, Color of Your Choice
  • 1x USB Connector: Micro, Mini or Type-C (Gold Plating Optional)
  • 1x USB Connector: Type A Male (Gold Plating Optional)
  • 2x Heat Tubing, Color of Your Choice
  • 1x Velcro Tie, Color of Your Choice
Note: Paracord numbers match with the photos shown on this page--please scroll through them. Use that as a guide to what each option looks like. If a number is missing from the drop down, we are currently out of stock. Thanks!