Atom47 PCB

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The Vortex Core is an amazing little keyboard with an aluminum body, good keycaps and a slim design. Unfortunately though, it needs one thing to be a perfect 40% board, which is programmability.The Atom47 is a drop-in replacement PCB for the Vortex Core to be able to change the function of every key using QMK, which allows you to have a virtually unlimited amount of layers and keys. Suit your Vortex Core to your needs, so to say.


  • QMK Firmware
  • 6 Underglow RGB leds
  • In-switch leds
  • Through-hole micro usb connector (less likely to break off!)
  • South facing leds for the QMX/Zealencio users
  • Multiple layouts
  • Easily reachable reset button under the spacebar
  • Caps Lock Indicator

Note: Prototype PCBs are 100% functional, but were hand-soldered during the testing phase of the group buy, hence the lower price tag.

For more information, please visit the creator's website here.