60% Starter Kit Bundle

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Looking to break into the world of DIY Mechanical Keyboards, but not sure where to start? Well, this kit might just be the perfect fit for you! Each of the kits includes the following items:

  • SJZZ 60% PCB (Onboard Controller; Uses Bootmapper; Can Be Flashed to Use QMK)
  • Hard Plastic White 60% Case (Includes Feet & Screws)
  • 60% PCB Stabilizer Kit (Black)
  • SpaceCat Design Holographic Vinyl Sticker (Limited Edition)

These will require soldering and some knowledge of computers, but most importantly they will require the urge to learn! The limits of what is possible with this Starter Kit are only subject to the imagination of the customer...YOU!

There are some items you may or may not still need. Here is a list of items you might want to look into:

This is a limited run and therefore inventory on these is extremely limited. Please also make sure you are familiar with our terms when buying PCBs and certain items. You can read more here.