YMDk 60% PCB

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Everyone needs to start somewhere...and what better place to start than this highly affordable and programmable 60% PCB?

This PCB comes in a sleek black color and completely pre-soldered to work. All you need to do is solder your switches, pop in your stabilizers and optionally solder your LEDs. Toss it in case/plate combo! No Pro Micro or other controller is necessary as this is handled on-board.

It comes pre-flashed with a standard Pok3r type layout, but can be customized with TKG should you so wish. It will fit standard 60% cases and plates (as shown in photos, note: these items are not included, you will only get a PCB with your order). This PCB utilizes a standard miniUSB connection. Finally, each PCB uses an Atmel MEGA32u4 chip.

This is the real deal for bargain shoppers who want something quality to type on!

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