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Wireless Macropad PCB (4x5)

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Want a macro-pad? Want it to run off batteries (2x AAA)? Want it to be wireless via Bluetooth? Of course you do! Here's the thing, this is a pretty complex build. It's not something you should be afraid to try as it's more of an intermediate step between something like a Launch Pad and, for example, Orbit PCBs. 

Learn some things while you put this bad boy together. Currently available in black PCBs (shown in photographs). Below you will find a full table of components needed. We intend on carrying as much as we can going forward to make it easier for our customers, so stay tuned.

Full List of Components Required:

Name Qty Description Manufacturer
U1 1 BL652-SA-01 LairdTech
Y1 1 Crystal, FC-135, 32.768kHz, 9pF EPSON
C1,C2 2 Capacitor, 12pF, 1608
C3,C4 2 Capacitor, 0.1uF, 1608
R1 1 Resistor, 1k Ohm, 1608
R2 1 Resistor, 330 Ohm, 1608
R3 1 Resistor, 10k Ohm, 1608
D1~21 21 Diode, 1N4148W Diodes Incorporated
LED1 1 Led, Red, 1608
LED2 1 Led, Yellow Green, 1608
SW1~20 20 Switch, Cherry Mx Cherry
BT1,2 4 Battery Clips, BC-0402

Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) via ogatatsu on GitHub.