SpaceCat Design is a small operation, but we like to help out as much as possible. We have a few tenets that we operate under and are always striving to incorporate more unique, novel methodologies going forward. Have an idea? Contact Us and let us know what you think!

    • We utilize shipping envelopes and packing material made from various recycled content.
    • We recycle, or otherwise reuse, all boxes and packaging we receive on incoming shipments, diverting materials from landfills.
    • Our combination hand-made keycaps are created with low-emitting adhesives and coatings.
    • Other than shipping labels and packing slips, we limit our hard-copy printing. When possible, labels and slips will be made on recycled paper with a thermal printer to further eliminate any waste created.
    • Our entire operation, small as it may be, runs 100% exclusively on low-wattage LED bulbs set on timers to limit usage during off-hours and days.


Cat in Bin!