Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change/lower order values for customs fees?

No. Unfortunately, we would be risking our business license and face fines by doing this and cannot oblige.

Do you accept returns?
We do! If there is something wrong with your order, please let us know and we have a variety of options we can offer you. There are no restocking fees for items damaged during the manufacturing process, however if the items are not damaged the return shipping price will be the customer's responsibility plus an additional 15% (of total returned goods) restocking fee. We cannot accept returns on PCBs or other items that have been soldered, de-soldered, or used in any fashion that would prevent us from knowing if it was defective "out of the box". Please be sure to test any items you receive as soon as possible to avoid any issues.

How fast do you ship orders?
We are a small operation, however typically orders are shipped within 24-72 hours (business hours only, weekends and/or holidays may incur slight delays due to postal closings). Your tracking information will usually be emailed to you the night you place your order, or next morning (business days only). The exception to these rules are orders placed after 3pm EST. Those will count for the next day and will be handled as such. Extreme weather or other unforeseen conditions may incur delays that our out of SpaceCat Design's hands. In this event, please check our website for information on the latest happenings.

When will a product be restocked?
This can be a little tricky. It usually depends on our suppliers with how fast we are able to restock items that are sold out. Typically if an item is low, we will preemptively order new inventory to minimum the time they are unable to be purchased, however sometimes an item will not be in stock due to a variety of reasons (shipping, customs, etc). Generally an item can be expected to be restocked within 1-2 weeks if everything goes well. If you have a specific question about an item, please let us know and we will try to help!

Where do you ship to?
We ship all across the United States of America. We also offer International Shipping to customers in almost every country in the world. Our featured shipping partners include USPS, DHL, and UPS.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept a wide variety of payment options in order to make the process easier for our customers! You can feel free to use your PayPal account and/or balance; or you can use our online credit card processing system (entirely secured for your ease of mind) to place orders. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept Bitcoin or any other alt-coin until the market is more stable. As of 10/01/2018, we are also accepting Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Will you sell my items on your store?
Maybe! The only way to find out is to contact us and see if we can work something out. We are always looking for quality products to offer our customers, so if you have something that falls into that category, let us know!