SpaceCat Design has two guiding principles we use each and every day:

We believe your mechanical keyboard can both look and feel amazing, and it does not have to cost you a fortune to do so.

SpaceCat Design started in late 2017 selling custom hand-painted keycaps across MechMarket (on reddit). After moderate success and some critical thinking; we changed our store to support an even larger base of customers--newcomers and those who are budget-minded. This transition took place in early 2018 and has lead to where we are currently.

The store (and website, social media, etc) is essentially a one-man operation -- that's me, Josh! Hey there! My wife (affectionately known as Mrs. SpaceCat) will also help with various aspects of the SpaceCat Design way of life; as well as our two little furry helpers. Yes, we have two full-time, feline employees: Lucy and Boris.

Lucy is a diluted calico and is in charge of security and product quality assurance. She paw-inspects every single package to leave SpaceCat Design's warehouse to make sure you are getting what you ordered and there are no issues with said items. She works very hard, so she gets many treats! 

Boris is a black tabby who is our lead product innovation specialist. What does that mean? Essentially, it means he helps SpaceCat Design come up with new ideas for products to make and/or sell to our customers! Again, very hard worker who is rewarded constantly with various flavored treats!

Oh, we also can't forget our little crested gecko, Misty. Her job is simple. She's small, so she helps find missing inventory. Treats, namely tiny insects and fruit, are another must to keep this amazing employee happy.