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Launch Pad v2

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Launch Pad: The $24.99 Macro-Pad!

A budget-minded, 4-8 key macro-pad with built in legs, plate & case. Supports MX & Alps switches. 2x 1u or 1x 2u supported for each row. Supports 2u PCB-Mount stabilizers.

The Launch Pad is QMK supported, please check out the firmware here.

Brand New Video Build Guide is Available Here.

Full Kit Includes:

  • 1x Launch Pad v2 PCB
  • 1x Pro Micro 5v
  • 2x 12-Pin Headers
  • 8x Diodes
  • 1x Alps SMD Switch
  • 1x High Quality Vinyl Sticker

Launch Pad v2 Updates & Changes:

  • PCBs are now SpaceCat Purple with real Golden traces.
  • Holes were added around the edges of the PCB to support cases and many other interesting DIY projects customers have asked us to support in the past.
  • These holes had no measurable impact on fitting v1 specific cases that we tried from other makers, but we cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with every case that currently exists. If you are not sure, please reach out to us or the case maker
  • Reset button placement was moved to accommodate other quality-of-life improvements (not by much, however)
  • Solder pads were added where snap-apart legs fit together. You can now easily ensure your Launch Pad will not wobble and the legs will never fall off...unless you decide to de-solder them, of course
  • Packaging has been upgraded (see photos for some examples) to allow for smoother transit/delivery, but also storage and protection from whatever life may throw at it
  • Pro Micros included in the kits have new firmware on them to make initial flashing of your .hex files much easier in many cases

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