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ESP8266 Development Board

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Note: Actual style/size/shape may differ from order to order; however functionality will not. These will always be ESP8266.

Brief Introduction

This is a development board which runs on the ESP8266 with the Espressif Non-OS SDK, and hardware based on the ESP-12 module. This small device features 4MB of flash memory, 80MHz of system clock, around 50k of usable RAM and an on chip Wifi Transceiver. Quite the bang for the buck! This board uses a built-in Micro-USB, with flash and reset switches, making it easy to program. Full I/O port and wireless 802.11 are supported. This Arduino-compatible board is here to make a name for itself, and at this price point and feature point...we think it has!

All orders are brand new boards, shipped inside sealed ESD prevention bags.