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Launch Pad v2 Acrylic Cases

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a one time offering of cases from Qlavier (for Launch Pads). There were unique circumstances which allowed us to partner on these. Once these are gone, they are gone forever. We will, unfortunately, not be stocking or restocking any new/same colors. What you see is what we have left.

If you are looking for a sturdy, gorgeous, easy to assemble, and quality case for your Launch Pad...then you have found the answer to all your problems...

...the long-awaited acrylic cases for our awesome Launch Pad v2 (also works with anyone who has a v1). These are multi-layered sandwich style acrylic cases with only the most durable and visually impressive acrylics used when creating them.

Each order comes with the selected case + a variety of stickers straight from the manufacturer, as well as the hardware necessary to use the case with your Launch Pad PCBs.