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Laplace 40% Staggered Kits

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Not into the ortho or split life, but still want a compact keyboard? No worries, we got you covered with the Laplace, a 13u wide, 4 row keyboard. PCBs comes in a matte black color.


  • MX/Alps compatibility
  • Multiple layout options

Full PCB & Case Kit includes:

  • Laplace PCB
  • Switch PCB Plate
  • Bottom PCB Plate

Other parts needed that are not included:

  • MX or Alps compatible switches
  • 1x Arduino Pro Micro
  • Micro USB cable
  • PCB-mount MX stabilizers (up to 4 needed)
  • 47x 1N4148 diodes
  • 1x reset switch
  • 10x 10mm M2 standoffs
  • 20x 6mm M2 screws

Build Guide:
 Laplace Build Guide

Special thanks to Keeb.io for allowing us to carry this awesome item!