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JNAO PCBs (12x4 & 12x5)

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Just Need An Ortho PCB?

Look no further! The JNAO is here and covers two big portions of our ortho-loving community. The PCB comes as a grid layout in 12x5, but has a snappable portion near the bottom that will turn it into a 12x4 grid layout.

This PCB was created by That-Canadian (of Maple-Computing).

The spacing is 19mm.

The PCB itself comes in a wonderful blue color, is lead free and has an on-board MCU. That means there is no Pro Micro or Elite-C or Proton-C required. Simply add your case, plate, switches, keycaps, etc. and viola--you are ready to plug-in!

Speaking of plugging in, the JNAO PCB also uses a Type-C USB connection; none of this changes if you snap the PCB to the smaller layout...everything (except the grid size) will remain the same.

QMK Firmware Download


Important Notes:

  • You will need to know how to solder to use this PCB.
  • Once you touch solder to said PCB, we can no longer accept returns on the item. Please be sure to test your PCB and flash it with QMK before doing anything that cannot be undone.
  • This PCB is not affiliated, sponsored, endorsed, or otherwise connected to any of the PCBs (or other items) available on OLKB's website -- nor should they be contacted for any kind of support for the JNAO PCB.
  • Item does not come pre-flashed, however uses QMK to flash firmware onto it. Please familiarize yourself with this process as it is crucial to any custom mechanical keyboarder's arsenal & and we are, unfortunately, unable to troubleshoot each individual problem...but we do our best!