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i75 PCB

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The i75 is a tinkerer's dream PCB! It is a unique item utilizing a 5x15 grid layout with multiple different controllers supported.

Controller Compatibility List:

The i75 PCB is unique in many different ways, not least of which is the construction of the "case/plate" aspect. You can use two i75 PCBs together as a top and bottom plate. As normal, there will be M2 hardware used to connect the two together. The size of the spacers used will depend on the actual height of said controller and/or their USB port. Typically anything above 8mm can be considered a safe bet, but some may want 10mm just to be sure. The switches used when soldering this board should be PCB mount switches. Another interesting design choice is that the diodes used (1N4148) are actually installed inside the switch itself. Crazy right? Told you!

We have created and ordered separate, non-duplicate-PCB, plates which are being made at this very moment. The estimated arrival date for new plates is TBD.

  • TMK for Pro-Micros, Elite-Cs, and Teensy 2.0. (Read more about TMK here. The only difference with this setup will be "pinout" location.)
  • TMK -or- Chibios for Teensy LC/3.2 (Read more about Chibios here.)
  • Kiibohd for Teensy 3.2 (Read more about Kiibohd here.)

These kits are sold under the appropriate license here, and in accordance with the awesome people at 40percent club.