Gherkin Kit

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Update: Our Gherkin Kits are back after being heavily requested by you, our customers! Not only did we bring them back, but we brought them back with some serious style and flair. Take a look at the photographs to the left (or below, on mobile) for an idea on what these bad boys look like. Not only do these changes make things look amazing, but they also offer quite a few quality of life improvements.

These Gherkin Kits include the following items:

  • Gherkin PCB (SpaceCat Purple with Golden Traces)
  • Top Plate PCB (SpaceCat Purple)
  • Bottom Plate PCB (SpaceCat Purple)

Other items you will need to complete this build are as follows, with relevant links where applicable:

These kits are sold under the appropriate license here, and in accordance with the awesome people at 40percent club. They have also put together a great guide for putting together your kits which can be seen here.