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Elite-C v2 (USB-C Pro Micro Replacement)

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Note: v2 of the Elite-C adds a power LED indicator, as well as a fuse to protect from over-current.

Finally! It's a USB-C Pro Micro Replacement, Arduino-compatible, and uses a  ATmega32U4!

Sound too good to be true? It's not! The Elite-C is a replacement for Pro Micros that has the same exact foot-print, therefore can be used with any existing or future projects that require a Pro Micro. So, what's the difference? The Elite-C is just better. Head on over to our blog/update post and watch some testing videos and other neat things regarding the Elite-C.

Feature List:
  • Compatible with all Pro Micro-based PCBs
  • USB-C port that can’t be ripped off (tried to rip the port off, but couldn’t)
  • ATmega32u4 controller
  • DFU bootloader, because everyone know the Caterina bootloader is poo
  • 6 additional ATmega32u4 pins broken out (F0, F1, C7, D5, B7, and B0)
  • USB pins broken out
  • On-board reset button (you can still use the reset button on the keyboard PCB if it has one)
  • 1.0mm thick PCB for slimmer profile (don’t worry, it’s still very solid and doesn’t flex)
  • Comes with two 12-pin headers and one 5-pin header
  • Total of 24 I/O pins to work with (6 more than the Pro Micro)