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Collide39 PCBs

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They are finally here! Extra Collide39  PCBs from the Group Buy run by SpaceCat Design. The PCB itself is created by Maple-Computing with cases being manufactured by StrataKB. If you would like said cases, please reach out to StrataKB directly as you would need to place your order with them. 💜

Each order comes with the following only:

    • Collide39 PCB (Matte Black w/ Golden Traces)
    • C39 Vinyl Sticker (When Available)

You will need the following for each build:

    Useful Information:

    The Collide39 uses QMK for flashing firmware onto your controller (Elite-C or Pro Micro, respectively). The QMK firmware can be found on the official repository by clicking here or by using QMK Tool Box (or QMK Configurator).

    Here is a graphical representation of the supported layouts...

    Supported Layouts


    • Build Guide: Coming Soon...
    • Build Video: Coming Soon...