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Chameleon 1u RGB PCB

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Each order includes 1x Chamelon PCB & 3x Copper Wires.

Want to add some RGB flair to your current keyboard? Need some light to shine on/through your amazing artisan collection? We have just the product for you! Introducing the Chameleon 4xRGB PCBs!

The Chameleon PCB is to be mounted between your positioning plate and PCB...carefully! You will need to do this before a switch is soldered onto your board's PCB. Otherwise, you will need to desolder said switch first. Each order also includes wiring for helping you actually getting the RGB lights to turn on.

This is very much a DIY product and since there is an amazing amount of different PCBs out there, we need to state this very clear; we cannot offer support on this item beyond the normal support we provide for other orders and customers. Using this PCB incorrectly may seriously damage your device. By adding one of these to your cart, you are agreeing to the fact that you know this and are familiar enough with tinkering/DIY to take on such a project. You also waive any liability for SpaceCat Design on said product(s).