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Artisan Display Case (Acrylic)

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Note: The USPS First Class Shipping option is not available for this item as not only does it weigh significantly more than most of our products, but extra packaging is also required to keep it safe during transit.

They're back! The thick acrylic artisan display cases are here and this time they come in a 5x5 grid to house up to 25 artisans (depending on how you install the acrylic dividers). Each order also comes with spare acrylic dividers as we know they can sometimes break at the worst of times. We hope this helps!

These cases come with a sliding door that can be removed completely if you should so wish. We love these cases because all you have to do is add a little bubble-wrap and not only do you have a display case, but you also have a carrying case!

The artisan keycaps shown in these photographs does not imply endorsement from their respective creators and makers. They are used simple for demonstration purposes.