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Amoeba Single-Switch PCB (1u & 2u)

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Doing a handwired build? Well make it a bit cleaner by using these Amoeba Single-Switch PCBs! Handy for keyboards such as the Dactyl and Dactyl-Manuform. Grab a ten-pack of 1u PCBs (in red) or a one-pack with a 2u PCB (in red, also--please ignore photo colors).


  • Ability to add LEDs to your build, as it has a spot for an LED and a resistor (0805 SMD package or through-hole)
  • Choice of using through-hole diodes or SMD ones (0805 or SOD-123)
  • Cleaner wiring

Source of PCB design:

  • Note that this PCB is not designed by us and the design is freely available.
  • GitHub Files