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4-Slot Acrylic Switch Tester

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These acrylic switch testers are perfect for experimenting with new switches before committing to a full build, holding your artisan or novelty keycaps, or get a little crazy and hand-wire a macropad!

These comes freshly cut and will include a top and bottom protective film that must be removed prior to use.

Keycaps can be included for a very small extra fee. These keycaps will usually be 4x Clear Translucent OEM R4 (Top Row) Profile Keycaps. Pretty basic stuff really. However, every now and then you may just get something pretty cool. 🤐

If you choose to add keycaps to your order, please note that an extra $1 Additional Charge will be added to your order and cart as a completely separate item. Please do not remove this item from your cart or we will be unable to fulfill your order correctly. Thanks!

Note: Orientation of the switches may change from time to time, but specifications and slots will never change (i.e. 1x4 or 2x2)