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We know it's been a very, very long time since we did a blog post, but I promise this one will have some good information in it. First up! Happy incoming Holidays! Whatever you celebrate, we hope it's fantastic and full of warmth and love! We will be sending you good vibes from the SpaceCat family for sure. However, with all good things comes some bad. As we all know, mail carriers (particularly USPS) get extremely overloaded this time of year. What this means to our customers is sporadic tracking updates, late tracking updates, no tracking updates at all in some cases,...

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Many of you had heard Josh, the owner of SpaceCat Design, on the KeebTown podcast several months ago, however it was brought to our attention that it's not easy to find from our website...

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Today we are happy to bring you these exclusive Elite-C items. What are they? That's easy--it's a better replacement board to use instead of a Pro Micro...with the same footprint so it will work with essentially anything that works with a Pro Micro already! Oh, and it has a Type-C connector! The Elite-C is here, folks. Let's do this!

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