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Shipping, Sales & SpaceCast

We know it's been a very, very long time since we did a blog post, but I promise this one will have some good information in it.

First up! Happy incoming Holidays! Whatever you celebrate, we hope it's fantastic and full of warmth and love! We will be sending you good vibes from the SpaceCat family for sure.

However, with all good things comes some bad. As we all know, mail carriers (particularly USPS) get extremely overloaded this time of year. What this means to our customers is sporadic tracking updates, late tracking updates, no tracking updates at all in some cases, and additional days for shipping to take place.

What we want everyone to know is that while we do everything we can to get your items to you as fast as possible, those types of delays are entirely out of our control. We will work with you on a lost package or other issues, of course. Just let us know and if we can reach out to USPS, or whomever, and help--we will! Just know that a package has certain things that need to be true for this process. So we really recommend you check out the following link:

2019 Holiday Shipping & Deadlines*

* Note: The dates listed at the above link DO NOT take into consideration the 48-72hr handling/processing time-frame from SpaceCat Design, LLC. Keep all of this information in mind when ordering and hoping for items to arrive before Christmas (or whichever holiday you celebrate).

So, basically we just want everyone to know that we will work very hard to get your items to you before the Holidays, but each day that passes does, in fact, make it less likely to happen. That doesn't mean this is definite, just USPS is notorious for getting backlogged this time of year and typically throughout mid-to-late January, also.

We have LOTS of sales going on right now. Just checkout our catalog of goods and you will see prices slashed all over the place. We also wanted to take this time to treat and appreciate all of those who actually read this post, or at least made it this far (or you were told by a friend, that's fine too, hehe) -- so in that spirit, if you want to save 10% off your next order**, use coupon code: WINTERRRRR - yup, five R's. That's how we do. 5x better than the rest! <3

So that about wraps it up, please expect some new items to drop right before the holidays and well into the new year, as well. We have many fun and unique items coming our way, just (as mentioned above) mail gets tricky this time of year so we can't give exact dates.

**The coupon above has no limits, exclusions, rain-checks and can only be used once per customer. It will expire 12/15/19 @ Midnight EST.

Finally, the SpaceCast (SpaceCat Podcast, duh!) will be airing in Jan. 2020. We had some setbacks (namely a legit TORNADO) that pushed this back, we apologize! It IS coming soon though!

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