New Year, New Logo, New Items!

Hello everyone, thanks for checking out our news update page. We have some exciting new happenings here at SpaceCat that we would like to share with you.

New Year
First and foremost, we want to wish everyone a happy new year. We hope your holiday season was joyous and we hope your upcoming year is even better than the last. We are humbled to be a part of such a great community and we know you have options when choosing a vendor, and for this we cannot thank you enough when you decide to go with SpaceCat. Cheers!

New Logo
You probably have noticed by now we are rocking a new and updated logo. There is a few reasons for this, but mostly we wanted to start the year fresh and announce we will soon be SpaceCat Design, LLC. With that, we thought it would be appropriate for a new, more modern, logo to be incorporated with our website. Do not worry, the original Catstronaut logo we used in the past is not going anywhere, but he will be called just that, the Catstronaut! We will still be using him for branding and other items, so do not fret, we love him just as much as you!

New Items
This is twofold. We have a variety of new items in stock...keycaps, testers, DIY items, USB cables, and much more. We also have inventory on the way to us for items that are currently sold out. A quick list of items that are low on stock, or sold out, that will soon be replenished can be seen here:

  • Cat Face Stickers
  • Genuine Cherry Stabs
  • Daydream LED Covers
  • Wide Eye Kitty Novelties
  • Power Keycaps
  • Desoldering Pumps
  • ESD Tweezers
  • Pro Micros
  • Magnetic USB Adapters
  • Chilly Bunny Novelties
  • Takeout Kitty Novelties
  • Micro and Mini USB Cables
  • Coiled USB Cables

This is only a few items we are restocking, so please keep an eye peeled as you never quite know when, where, and what is going to show up on our website!

Thanks for being awesome.

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