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Happy Holidays & Stock Updates

Hello everyone and happy holidays with an even happier New Year included! We wanted to express our thanks and give you a little update on things you can expect from us in 2018.

First up, here is a list of some cool things we've recently added, or re-stocked, in our store:

We are working hard to add new and unique items every single day, so please keep checking us out and if you have any cool ideas for us to stock things, let us know!

In 2018, we have some very excited things lined up. We can't go into full details on these just yet, but here is some general information on things to come:

  • SpaceCat Macropad
  • SpaceCat Keyset (Cherry Profile)
  • Made-To-Order USB Cables
  • Keyboard Cases
  • New Novelty Keycaps & Artisans

As always, thanks for everything you do. We love our customers and cannot wait to be here for many years to come. Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season!

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