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COVID-19, SpaceCat Design, and Your Packages

In order to make sure packages are still moving out while dealing with increased orders (everyone looks to be staying home, so thats great to see!), SpaceCat Design is switching to picked-up and scheduled drop offs with our carriers. What this means is, increased safety for us at SpaceCat Design, for you at home, for our amazing couriers who are putting themselves at risk everyday, and hopefully to make things a little more manageable so we don't fall too far behind during the global pandemic.

We want to emphasize, your orders will be going out, nothing is changing except there may be an additional delay of hopefully no more than 48hrs before you items hit the mail/tracking updates start happening. Even then, tracking may be slow or non-existent--this is what we were told from UPS and USPS independently of each other, so we believe them.

Everyone who orders during this time period is going to get some kind of goodie or something in the order. I don't know exactly what, but something. Now is the time to join together and get through this.

If you are at home and making keyboards, maybe think about creating a video or podcast for others to watch and listen to while we all have down time! If you need any ideas or suggestions, I'm sure any number of our great members in Discord would be happy to help out.

If you have any questions or concerns, we will be doing our best to be available and answer everything we can, as best we can.

Stay safe. Stay home. Stay clean. 

Click here to learn more from the CDC regarding this pandemic.

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